Printable flyer with belly dance class information, including prices and directions to dance studio

book Saroya to peform or teach belly dance at your next event
Are you looking for entertainment for an upcoming special event? Let Saroya help you. She is availale to perform and/or teach at your next event. Saroya usually performs as a soloist. However, if you would like more than one dancer, she can arrange for members of Seshambeh Dance Company to join her. Saroya can also add live musicians to the show with advance notice.

Saroya can perform or teach many different types of dances. Costuming is always appropriate to the type of event, venue, and audience. All of Saroya’s shows are family-friendly.

Saroya has danced at many special events, including weddings, bridal showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, corporate functions, cultural and arts events, and community festivals. She effortlessly combines artistry and entertainment to ensure that her audiences see a top-quality show and also have a tremendously good time.

Workshop instructor info
Bring Saroya to you! Saroya is available to teach workshops on a wide variety of topics. In May 2013, she was the featured instructor for the Lovely Dozen's World Bellydance Day celebration. Saroya ensures that all workshops are informative, interactive, and enjoyable for all participants.

Topics that Saroya can cover in a workshop include:
· Using flashcards to develop your dance from combos to
· Balancing (sword, candle, tray, etc.)
· Floorwork
· Lebanese debke and/or Greek line dances
· Floor patterns for solos, duets, and troupe numbers
· Improvisation using instrumentals, songs with vocals,
  drum solos, and taxims (prep for live music!)
· Cane
· Chiftitelli – Arabic vs. Turkish
· Karsilama
· Layering with shimmies and much, much more
· Zills
· Turkish style dance
· Veil, single and/or double
· Rhythms
· Arms and hands

If you are interested in a topic that is not on the list, just contact Saroya. Chances are good that she can cover it for you.

For more information, pricing, and bookings, please contact Saroya by phone at 404-982-9037 or by e-mail at Please include your telephone number in any e-mail correspondence so that Saroya can speak with you prior to the event.

Saroya performing with zills